Production Project Session 1



Writer/ Menus/ Producer

Intention (SMART Goal)

By October 14th, as part of team # as Writer / Menus / Producer, I will have evidence of making a list of sounds needed for the game in the GDD by following this tutorial for session 1.


Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s)

Training Source(s)

Project Timeline

Proposed Budget


The GAME Creation


Skills Commentary


I made a menu that you can move the character in. You can move with the arrow keys and choose to start the tutorial and then go to the first level, or you can go straight to a challenge level.


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

I can now think of ways to solve problems.

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

I can work better with people I just met because I am less shy now. I can even work better with people I don’t like that much.

Tools for Working (Info & Media Literacy)

I can now use Construct 3 to make fun games.

Ways of Living in the World (Life & Career)

I have an opportunity for a career in game design or I could just make games for fun.

Reactions to the Final Version

Hunter- The game is bad for working on it for 3 weeks and it could have Copywrite issues.

Jace- add sounds

Self-Evaluation of Final Version

The game is basic but can entertain people for a little while.

Grammar and Spelling

I used Grammarly to help me write with correct grammar. I also used spellcheck to see if I spelled everything correctly.